Wedding Planner vs Wedding Coordinator

Early on after moving to the States I quickly realized that the lingo was somewhat different to what I’m used to. Needless to say, when I stumbled upon the planner vs coordinator scenario – I was intrigued. Who knew that one simple word could make all the difference! 

The most important thing to remember whether you hire a planner, a coordinator or someone like myself who offers both options is that we all play a crucial role in the fine tuning of a seamless wedding day! 

Wedding Planners, this is not a job for the faint hearted, the management and organizational skills needed to plan multiple weddings at once is insane! Our heads are a fury of checking off lists, chasing vendors, ensuring our clients stay on track all whist keeping within the client’s budget, attending appointments, and designing those ever so perfect little details.

A wedding planner is there for the long haul, from choosing the right location, finding the perfect vendors, and then heaving a sigh of relief when everything falls into place the day of! 

A Wedding Coordinator however is on a shorter timeline than a planner (see our month out and day of packages for examples). From the coordinators aspect we begin to prepare a month before the wedding, gathering those all-important final details and ensuring that everything is executed the day of. 

In short, a wedding planner would be involved through the entire process whereas a coordinator is focused on the logistics of just the wedding day. 

Final note ……..

Whichever route you take, hire that professional coordinator – I promise you it will be the best decision you make, sit back with your mimosa, and enjoy the biggest day of your life!

And remember only the cake should be in tiers 🙂

Faye xx